Dear Kaori
It's been a few years since you passed away.
But I still miss you.
I'm still mourning you.
I'm mourning us.
Then again, there wasn't really an 'us', was there?
But there was, I think, when we were playing together.
When we played together, we were together. There was an 'us'.
I think, as long as I play, I'll still have you.
I hope I'm right.
I still talk to your parents, I keep in touch. Every year on your birthday they send me some canales.
Tsubaki tried to make some canales this year, but she burnt them and ended up crying.
Watari suggested that we write letters instead. We've all stayed friends, and we'll stay friends for a long time too.
Me and Tsubaki did try to give it a go.
We really did, but we just couldn't be together. Your shadow was still lingering over us, your melody still playing in the background of our lives. But this wasn't in a bad way, no. You were still fresh in our hearts.
I think to me, you always will be.
I miss you.
I love you.
I keep thinking that maybe if I had noticed you and talked to you during our second year, you might not have died. You might still be here, with us.
With me.
If I had known you sooner, I could've helped you, prevented it somehow.
At the very least, I'd have known you for longer.
Wherever you are, I hope you are good.
I hope your last moments weren't painful.
I'm going to carry on playing, and I'll think of you.
Yours, always,

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