Dear Kaori
I think I've fallen in love.
I feel like I should explain.
I moved overseas to attend a very prestigious music college.
It's hard, since I had to learn a whole other language.
Tsubaki was crying for days, but I've promised to visit her, and she's promised the same.
Watari still plays football.
He helps train and play with young kids, and he seems happy. Genuinely happy.
I'm happy too. College is exciting, but it's hard.
Her name is Saki. She's Japanese as well, but she's spent time living in America so her english is fluent. She offered to tutor me, seeing as I was struggling.
(She plays the harp, she's very good at it.)
We started going out after a couple weeks of really knowing each other, and since then we've become serious. It's hard to see each other day, since we've always got rehearsals, but we're making it work.
She kissed me yesterday.
And I kissed her back.
Is that bad? I only thought, once I got home, that I'd stopped feeling guilty around her.
I suppose at times I felt like I was cheating on you, is that wrong?
Am I wrong?
Is it wrong to still feel like this after nearly 10 years?
Is it wrong that I want to forget you?
Is it wrong that when I'm with her, I forget about you?
I don't know what to do.
I really do love her.
I think, some part of me will always love you.
But right now, I love her.
I'm sorry.

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