A familiar voice reached me inside my dream.
It is her.
She is standing in front of me; looking exactly like that time, wearing our middle school’s uniform.“How have you been?”
She asked me with a smile.
I didn’t directly answer her question;
I simply smiled back at her
"It seems you are doing great.”
"And you are still a weird pianist.”
"Well, I can’t deny that.”
"How is everyone since I was gone?”
“Everyone is walking towards their dreams… At least that’s how I looked at it.”
“How about you, Kousei?”
"Yes, how about you?”
"I am also… walking towards mine. Thanks to you, that is.”
“I see… I guess that’s fine.”
She walked a few steps and stood in front of me, then touched the tip of my nose with her right index finger.
“So, you haven’t forgotten about me all thistime.”
"How could I forget about you? I bet you will come and haunt me if I do, right?”
“Hahaha, you have really said it now."
"Isn’t that why you appear to me now?”
“No… I simply come to you for something else.”
"Something else?”
She moved one step back and closed her eyes for a few seconds, then focused her gaze to me.
Her face then showed a smile that somehow radiates a gloomy feeling.
“It is okay now, Kousei.”
"I know that you will never forget me no matter how long time passed.
So, I am fine.
It is about time for you to move on.”
"Move on?”
she nodded, “isn’t it time for you to embrace your spring again?”
"I believe that the time is close for it.
And I think they have been waiting long enough for you.
My shadow is no longer here, so it’s alright for you not to keep on looking for it anymore—the future is right in front of you.”
She—Kaori Miyazono—said those words with a resolute look in her eyes, and I would be lying if I don’t comprehend the meaning of the things she said.
“Looks like… my time here will be over soon.”
As Kaori said that, her body started to become more and more transparent, enough for me to understand that this dream will end in no time.
“Can I…” I tried to reply to her, but I suddenly trembled and my tears flowed down.
"Can I… ask you one last favor?”
“And that is?”
The words that I wanted to say can’t seem to come out, and silence emanated the space between us. However, Kaori came closer to me again, as if she understands what this “last favor” of mine is.
“Close your eyes.”
I closed my eyes, and I felt a soft sensation on my forehead after that; Kaori’s warmth is transmitted from her lipsto my whole body, as her familiar scent entered my sense of smell.
Her hands started caressing my hair while I hugged her with mine.
It was fleeting, but it felt like it lasted forever.
Kaori moved her head away from me, and with a bright smile, stated, “I guess this is goodbye.”
And so, the dream that felt more real than reality itself ended

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